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May Law Group, LLC, is a national immigration law firm whose practice is solely devoted to United States immigration law and dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to foreign nationals, their families, and businesses. May Law Group is the largest law firm in Western Pennsylvania exclusively devoted to United States immigration law. The immigration law firm of May Law Group has four full-time immigration attorneys and a staff of paralegals and professional writers who assist lead attorney Valerie May with your case. Our staff of over a dozen talented, highly trained immigration staff members produces extremely high quality immigration legal representation. The professional immigration paralegals and staff at May Law Group all have Bachelor's Degrees and two hold Master's Degrees. The quality of our immigration legal professionals is unsurpassed. With offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in New York, we represent many individual and corporate immigration clients throughout the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, the Philadelphia metropolitan region, New Jersey, New York, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and across the United States. United States immigration law is based on federal law, not state law. Therefore, May Law Group can represent you in immigration matters in all states and internationally. At May Law Group, our immigration attorneys care about each individual case and client. May Law Group is dedicated to quality in the practice of United States immigration law. We want our clients to achieve their immigration goals, and we are committed to developing creative solutions to the most complex and difficult cases.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or New York
If you would like to obtain a visa or speak to an attorney about your immigration goals, we invite you to contact us online or call 412-291-4400 (Pittsburgh) or 215-880-4977 (Philadelphia) or 347-839-1700 (New York). Our toll free number is 1-877-LAW-USIM. Our initial consultations are free of charge. We only charge you if we perform immigration legal work for you.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon appointments are offered and evening appointments are available throughout the week. We serve clients throughout the United States, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Allegheny County, Butler County, Washington County, Westmoreland County, and beyond. If you cannot meet in person with our immigration attorneys, May Law Group can schedule a telephone or internet consultation with you. Wherever you are located, the immigration law firm of May Law Group can represent you and quickly and accurately file your United States immigration case.

Selecting an Immigration Law Firm and Immigration Attorney
We strive for quality in all aspects of our immigration law practice. When selecting an immigration law attorney, it is important to ask questions and look for the following qualities:

Exclusive immigration law expertise. Does the immigration attorney practice immigration law exclusively or does he practice other areas of law in addition to immigration law? May Law Group only practices immigration law. United States immigration law is an extremely intricate area of federal law. By restricting our practice to United States immigration law, May Law Group is able to focus on what we know best: all areas of United States immigration law.

Available immigration attorney. Will you be able to contact your immigration attorney easily? May Law Group's main phone number (412-291-4400) is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Voice messages received at this number our sent to the email of an attorney and our responded to promptly. Our firm understands how important each immigration case is to our clients and we are available when you have an emergency.

Up to date immigration knowledge. Does the immigration law firm strive to constantly update its knowledge of immigration law? May Law Group is committed to keeping current on all developments in United States immigration law, a constantly changing area of the law. May Law Group continually updates its knowledge of United States immigration law through immigration publications, continuing immigration law legal education, and a network of contacts throughout the United States and international immigration community. Our firm immigration law library contains virtually every United States immigration law book currently published and evidences May Law Group' s commitment to providing the best possible research to our clients' cases.

Vast experience with difficult and complicated immigration cases. Is the law firm prepared to handle the unanticipated turns that many immigration cases can take? We specialize in complicated cases and frequently take over cases that individuals have filed on their own or cases that other attorneys have filed. Backup strategies are created to ensure that, if necessary, all potential courses of action have been anticipated and a strategy developed to deal with each immigration law scenario. It is important to select an immigration law firm that has experience in the type of United States immigration law case you wish to file. May Law Group has successfully filed thousands of immigration petitions with an extremely high rate of approval. While past success cannot guarantee future success due to variables in the fact patterns of cases, past success does provide experience for the immigration attorney which will give your case the advantage of knowledge gained from winning cases.

Quality controls, checks, and procedures. Does the immigration law firm have quality controls in place? Each case is important to our firm and the immigration attorneys at May Law Group treat your case as we would want our own immigration case to be treated. An immigration attorney performs the legal work on each case. No case is filed until it has been thoroughly reviewed and checked for accuracy several times.

Clear and fair fees. Is the fee that is quoted for a law firm's professional services all-inclusive or will additional charges be added as the case progresses? May Law Group quotes a fee for professional services that is all-inclusive. There are no additional charges for time spent at interviews, emails, or telephone calls.

Commitment to excellence. Will the immigration law firm you select for your immigration legal case go the extra mile for your case? Many times the distinction between a favorable decision and a denial in United States immigration law is the effort that the immigration attorney exerts on the case. May Law Group is committed to providing the highest quality United States immigration law legal representation in its practice of immigration law. Your case matters to May Law Group and we will work evenings and weekends, perform the additional research, and take care of your case as if it were our own case. Our clients become our friends and their cases matter to us.

PA Licensed Attorneys Be certain to ask an immigration attorney who is not licensed in the state in which he has his main office, why he is not licensed. Ask if the reason is because the immigration attorney failed the state bar exam and then went to another state to take an easier bar exam. You have a right to know and ask if an immigration attorney has failed a bar exam. May Law Group, LLC, does not employ immigration attorneys who have failed any bar exam. Our immigration lawyers are required to have attained honors standing in their academic careers and have outstanding legal writing and research skills. We only employ the best and the brightest immigration lawyers and this has led to our outstanding record of achievements in the field of immigration law.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or in New York
To speak to an immigration attorney about your immigration goal, including obtaining a work visa in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or New York we welcome you to contact us online or call 412-291-4400 (Pittsburgh) or 215-880-4977 (Philadelphia) or 347-839-1700 (New York). Free consultations are available. We represent clients throughout the United States, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Allegheny County, and worldwide in Korea, France, United Kingdom, Africa, India, and Pakistan.